About the ​Faculty

The Faculty of Bayt Al-Hikma for Political Sciences and International Studies was founded since the establishment of Al al-Bayt University in 1994. It aims to combine between the academic aspect (granting master's and bachelor's degrees in political sciences) and research and cultural activities such as holding seminars and conferences related to national, regional and international issues.

So far, 450 students have been awarded a master's degree in political sciences, as well as 1377 undergraduate students have been granted a bachelor degree since the offering the bachelor program as of the first semester 2003/2004. The Faculty is also keen to pay attention to the sector of young researchers in political science by holding an annual conference. The first conference was held under the title “Africa in the Era of International Transformations", the second was entitled “Women and Political Participation in Jordan" and the third was “The League of Arab States and Current Issues"

Many scientific publications, whether related to conferences or symposiums, have also been issued. In addition, the Faculty includes the (UNESCO Chair for Democracy and Human Rights), which supervises teaching of subjects related to democracy and human rights and organizes lectures and seminars related to its tasks. There are 11 faculty members; 7 of them holding the rank of professor, 3 the rank of associate professor and 1 the rank of assistant professor. It is expected to increase the number of students, expand the master's program, and offer new disciplines at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels to meet the needs of the labor market locally, regionally and globally.​