About the Department The Alumni Office Department was established at the end of 2009 as an administrative department in the Deanship of Student Affairs based on the decision of the Higher Education Council to care for alumni. This department plays a great role in meeting the needs of alumni through a set of services, studies and extracurricular activities with the aim of maintaining communication between the University and its alumni on various social, cultural, economic and education a levels to serve the educational process and Jordanian society. The department achieves its goals through

1. Employment and Follow-up Division

2. Statistics and Studies Division

 The Alumni Office Department is looking forward to being the most outstanding administrative department in the higher education institutions of Jordan by sustaining the relationship between the alumni, university and community. Its mission is recognized by communicating with, following up and serving the alumni through activating the relationship with public and private sector institutions to reduce unemployment, and achieve harmonization between higher education outputs and labor market requirements.