The Department of Modern Languages is one of the academic departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It was established in 1999 with the aim of  providing students with the opportunity of acquisition and attainment proficiency in Modern European Languages ( French, German, Italian, and Spanish) to meet the needs of Jordan society in terms of qualified personnel in modern languages major. 

      The Department creates the possibility of cultural and teaching cooperation with world universities present these modern languages. The Department, also, introduces service courses to students of English major, and it is responsible for teaching required university courses in French, German, Spanish, and Italian Languages.

      The Department, presently, includes 7 faculty members of different academic ranks, graduated from European Universities, and  some of them are natives.        The department offers a Bachelors degree in French language and Literature, and aspires to offer a Bachelors degree in other Modern Languages. 

Dr. Mohammad Nahar Alzoubi

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